Blantyre, Massachussetts

6 December 2011

Modeled after an ancestral home in Scotland, Blantyre’s Tudor-style Massachusetts mansion and sweeping grounds indulge romantic visions of the 19th century, with all the 21st century amenities. An opulent country house in the Berkshires, staying at Blantyre is like being transported into a Jane Austen novel. A historic mansion with turrets, towers, gargoyles, and an interior of burnished wood, overstuffed chairs, heirloom fixtures and damask walls, Blantyre whisks you away to a time when pleasures were simpler and more refined.

With only eight rooms in the main house, four guest cottages, and a 10-room carriage house, Blantyre spares nothing when it comes to recreating Victorian luxury. Leaded glass windows, four-poster beds, fireplaces, and glossy antique wooden furniture: each room is just begging for regal visitors. And when it comes time for the evening meal in the linen-and-crystal dining room, every gentleman should pass for blue-blood with the jacket-and-tie dress code.

Attractions in the Berkshires won’t disappoint aspiring lords and ladies of the manor. Go antique shopping, fishing, and golfing, or take up the ultimate country-manor sport: croquet.

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